Islamic-Western Relations Project

Aim- to deliver

A psychologically informed analysis of Islamic-Western Relations.
A strategy to:
-To improve these relationships
-To reduce the risk of conflict and terrorism

Military power, Intelligence Services and a robust pursuit of national self-interest remain necessary but are no longer sufficient to ensure the freedom, prosperity and security of countries. The changes in the realities of power mean that it is increasingly necessary to work on the “soft” side of relationships too so as to build mutual trust, respect, and understanding. This will is essential to make cooperation more likely than conflict. To be sustained and effective, this must go beyond media management and start with genuine dialogue.

A psychologically informed strategy can help improve the relationship between the Western and Islamic Worlds. It can provide insight into the motivations and strategy of terrorists and their supporters. It can inform the battle for hearts and minds through public diplomacy in the media and other channels. It could be used to improve security through better international relationships.

How to get involved
We welcome participation from experts in psychology, psychiatry and psychotherapy in all countries. Every contribution is welcome, no matter how modest.

There are 3 main ways to get involved:
1. Write an article
2. Conduct some semi-structured interviews (see below)
3. Contribute to the discussion forum